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Are you ready to uncover the signals that lead to breakthrough discoveries in your human disease research? Biomedical Genomics Workbench is a comprehensive and accurate data analysis platform that enables you to find the signal in the noise in your cancer and hereditary disease NGS data. With its broad selection of end-to-end analysis workflows, tools, and visualization modules, it enables easy and accurate discovery, verification, and validation of novel disease biomarkers.

Find the signals in the noise with ease!

Discover novel insights with greater than 95% sensitivity and unsurpassed accuracy. Biomedical Genomics Workbench guides you through a complete analysis of your genome, exome, targeted amplicon, transcriptome, and epigenetic NGS sequencing data for results you can trust.

  • Complete end-to-end and customizable analysis workflows for the comprehensive discovery, verification, and validation of novel biomarkers

  • Specialized functionalities such as primer and primer-dimer removal for highly accurate targeted amplicon sequencing results

  • High sensitivity detection of germline and low frequency variants from DNA-seq and RNA-seq data

  • Unsurpassed accuracy for copy number detection in exome and targeted amplicon sequencing data

  • Easy viewing of findings such as dynamic protein structures in 3D, and sequencing reads afford faster discovery

Lead your own discovery

Modify workflows and discovery parameters for hypothesis-led  analysis that guides you to the most promising breakthroughs.


Discover more faster

Simplicity, flexibility, and accuracy combine to provide you with a solution that is more than 50% faster than open-source alternatives.