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The Advanced RNA-Seq plugin provides new tools for statistical analysis and exploratory visualization of RNA-Seq data.

The Advanced RNA-Seq plugin is backwards compatible with existing RNA-Seq TE and GE tracks. It provides powerful new statistics based on a negative binomial GLM model similar to that of edgeR; new Venn diagrams; and workflow-enabled, RNA-Seq optimized versions of existing tools.


· Multi-factorial statistics control for batch effects and support paired studies.

· Statistical results can be visualized in a genomic context as tracks, in a table view, or through the built in volcano plot.

· Heatmaps cluster samples and features simultaneously.

· PCA gives control over which principal components are shown.

· PCA and Heatmap tools overlay the visualization with known metadata about a sample.

· Venn diagrams show the differentially expressed genes shared between experimental conditions.

· All tools account for differences due to sequencing depth, removing the need to normalize input data.