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Rename sequences and other kinds of data in a batch. Either by adding text to the name, replacing existing text or by enumerating the data.

You can choose different ways of changing the name:

· Insert text at the end or the beginning of the existing name

· Replace part of the existing name with something else

· Enumerate by adding a number to the name

In addition, you can choose the level of the rename. For a single sequence, this is straightforward because it has just one name, and you would use the Rename elements. But if you have a sequence list, for example, you could choose either to rename the list (using Rename elements) or the sequences in the list (using Rename sequences in sequence lists).

The same goes for alignments (using Rename sequences in alignments) and read mappings (using Rename reads in read mappings). For read mappings, there is also an option to Rename reference sequence.